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Rafi Issagholian, Founder

Attorney Rafi Issagholian has dedicated his professional career to serving the people of California in the trying and difficult time of filing for Social Security disability.

Arriving in Los Angeles as a boy in 1989, he fell in love with the city and Southern California as a whole, and resolved to pursue his education locally rather than abroad. He attended the University of California, Los Angeles, studying history, being honored on the Dean’s List, and confirming his loyalty to the Bruins to this day. He then attended Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, receiving the coveted Dean’s Scholarship and passing the bar upon graduation.

Even before he had been sworn in as an attorney with the California State Bar, he had begun practicing in Social Security disability. The practice of this nuanced and difficult field of law inspired him, and seeing how so many deserving claimants would be denied their well-deserved disability benefits because of routine errors and lack of proper advocacy drove him to do better.

In forming SoCal Disability Group, Rafi Issagholian made a promise: that he will do everything he is able to assist you in obtaining your Social Security disability benefits. He will not shirk his responsibilities, nor simple “pass you on” to a paralegal or another attorney who knows nothing of your case and cares even less. When you call, you will speak to him; when you email, you will write to him; and when you have your hearing, you will be represented by him.

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